Such a great sun: Gerald is very clumsy with Yasmine!


Yasmine and Gérald are very close in Un si grand soleil. However, they have great difficulty in communicating and this harms their history.

Gerald met Yasmine not long ago in Un si grand soleil. The man keeps being very awkward with her and this is already endangering their story. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Yasmine begins to despair in Un si grand soleil. For several days now, Anissa’s mother and Gerald have been very close. However, nothing was decided between them and their meeting was somewhat explosive in the hospital. Nevertheless, the public hope to see them as a couple soon.

Yasmine graduated as a nursing aide and has recently been working at the hospital. Nonetheless, her first day was somewhat chaotic and she had to deal with an unfriendly patient. Indeed, Gerald came for his hand for treatment after a cut and was not very patient in the halls of the hospital.

So the latter attacked Yasmine and the caregiver was very uncomfortable. A little while later, she saw Gerald again and did not hesitate to treat him. The latter was very grateful and got very close to her. So much so that they spent New Years together and confided in many topics.

Yasmine has tried several times to show her affection for Gerald in Such a Big Sun. She held his hand in particular when the latter rode together. Nevertheless, Dylan’s father has been showing himself to be very clumsy for the past few days and this could well undermine his story.


In the Sunshine sequel, Yasmine and Gerald go to a restaurant together. They are going to have a good time and Yasmine is going to suggest that she go for a nightcap at her place. Still, Dylan’s dad will want to be a little uncomfortable and turn down the invitation. He’ll even pretend he has a lot of work and is tired.

In fact, Gerald will want to be embarrassed about having slept with the caregiver and will not want to come face to face with his daughter. He goes to talk to Dylan about it and the man won’t know how to deal with her at all. In fact, the latter is going to be in a very bad mood the next morning at the hospital. She will therefore want to confide in her friend, Claire.

Yasmine is going to tell Claire that she thinks Gerald used her in order to get what he wanted, Allocine echoes. According to her, since they slept together, Dylan’s father has changed and is losing interest in her. However, Claire will try to reassure her and will believe that Gerald does not know how to go about communicating well.

For his part, Gerald is going to want to fix things with Yasmine in Un si grand soleil. Thus, he will find out about websites in order to be able to declare his love to her. However, the man is going to make another misstep and not find the right words. It will be the last straw for Yasmine, who will find her message cold. She will therefore answer him in the same tone and might not mince words …


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