Such a great sun: Gerald and Yasmine in full conflict!


Yasmine and Gerald, it still doesn’t work! Out of pride, Dylan’s father refuses his partner’s help in Un si grand soleil …

Will Yasmine and Gerald end up communicating? While all is not going well for Dylan’s father, he is showing way too much pride … But if he does not open up to the one he loves, Such a bright sun may make him pay!

Because Yasmine has already proven it in the past, she doesn’t like things hidden from her. But she likes it even less when people lie to her. So when she wants to see her lover but he refuses, she starts to wonder …

But in Such a Big Sun, nothing ever looks simple. Rather than talking to Gerald, Yasmine therefore decides to talk to Anissa, who has nothing to do with it! The girl looks a bit lost, but wants to help her mother …

On the other hand, Dylan doesn’t understand either. He knows his father well, he knows his problems, but doesn’t understand why he doesn’t open up to Yasmine. While his father has just spent a night in his van, he asks her the question.

Once again, Gerald’s pride risks being a problem! This same pride has already played tricks on him in So Big Sun … But after that night, he ends up explaining the root of the problem to his son: he does not take responsibility for his money problems.

Not really surprised, Dylan still tries to convince his father to discuss it with Yasmine … But a second, deeper problem prevents Gerald from opening up: he does not want help. Even less of the one he loves.

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Such a great sun: Gerald and Yasmine in full conflict!


He indeed considers that as a man, he should not receive help from a woman … Only one solution, therefore: to get out of it alone. Even if he sometimes has to sleep in his van …

Only problem for him, he is not alone. Dylan tries to make him understand it, but his father seems as stubborn as he is proud: he risks his marriage in Un si grand soleil! Because by pushing Yasmine away, she will end up leaving …

With her daughter, Yasmine also tries to understand the concern. But she sees only one solution: Gérald is cheating on her. So she begins to convince herself that he has found someone else, and that he is going to leave her …

Everyone is therefore pointing in his corner! Obviously, in these cases, two people will have to be more mature: the children. So Yasmine promises to talk to Dylan about it. Are the children going to save the love in So Big Sun?

Not sure, because the two don’t seem like good communication skills either. It could therefore be that the reproaches fly, and that the situation escalates … To definitively resolve the problem, we will need a discussion between Yasmine and Gerald!


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