Such a great sun: Florent gives Claire one last chance!


Claire and Florent end up making peace in the next episode of the series Un si grand soleil. We tell you everything!

Florent will give Claire another chance in the next episode of Un si grand soleil.
For fans of the series Un si grand soleil, we warn you that this article will spoil the episode of this Thursday, November 12. For the more curious, here is what awaits you.

In the next episode of Un si grand soleil airing tonight on France 2, the week continues for the characters from the French soap opera.

Maureillas is now the majority shareholder of Diagno Intel. He contacted Peter O’Neal to see if he was still interested in buying his shares. He therefore gives her an appointment to sign the documents.

So the businessman is happy to get rich. He then invites Miriam to dinner to celebrate the good news. The young woman then joins Claire to tell her that their plan has worked well.

She then adds that the money should be in their account soon. However Claire doesn’t have the heart to party.


So, in the next episode of Un si grand soleil, we will be fixed on the fate of Claire and Florent. You have to know that the nurse is certain that Florent will leave her.

And if he found out what they had done to Maureillas, his decision would be final. At the same time, Florent, a little lost, confides in Sabrine.

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Florent blames himself for not having supported Claire enough during this difficult time. He realizes then that she wanted to find comfort in the arms of another.

At the end of the day, the couple meet in their apartment. But instead of arguing, they fall into each other’s arms and kiss each other passionately.

Florent would therefore have forgiven Claire. Watch the full episode of Un si grand soleil tonight on France 2.


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