such a great sun: Eve, she’s going to betray Alicia!


Eve tries it all out in Un si grand soleil. She goes to the prosecutor to offer him a deal and trap Alicia. Eliott is in a bit of trouble at the moment in Un si grand soleil. His mother, Eve will therefore intervene to save him and thus trap Alicia who is trying to double her son. For that, she’ll have to make a deal with the prosecutor. We tell you more in this article.

It must be said that the young man is a little caught in the crossfire. On the one hand his beautiful family and on the other his mother, Eve. For those who have not followed the story, we’ll give you a little rundown. Basically, Eliott had to go to jail. But the prosecutor makes a deal with him.

If he manages to bring down Alicia for tax evasion, he forgets all his misdeeds. But a problem arises in the middle of it all: Eliott falls in love with Alicia’s daughter, Sam. And in So Big Sun, the going gets tough. The young man does not quite know what to do.

Feeling guilty, he confesses to his mother what is going on. But Eve is not going to leave her son like that without doing anything. She prefers to bring down Alicia for whom she has no affection. She then decides to go directly to the prosecutor to make a deal.

Because his son told him everything. And she knows where Sam’s mother’s next transaction will be. Essential information to successfully trap her in Such a Big Sun. But will she fall for it? To see in the next episodes of the series.

Such a bright sun: Eve is going to betray Alicia to save her son Eliott!


At the prosecutor’s office, Eve begins to plead a little for her son. “My son did everything to complete the mission you gave him. He even went so far as to marry this young girl Sam. The problem was, he fell in love with her. ”

Because according to his mother, Eliott was “afraid of losing her”. We’re talking about Sam, his recent wife. Because of her he gave up helping the prosecutor and even thought of running away to Asia with her. But Barnier wants to hear nothing. “Your son gave a damn about me. The why’s and how’s don’t interest me. ”

He even threatens to put him in prison. But Eve does not lose her temper in Such a great sun. “I have a deal for you. »She announces. And it sets its conditions: Eliott will never hear of this market. Under any circumstances.

She then announces. “I’ve got enough to corner Alicia and her clients. I tell you how and you forget Eliott. We do not see the reaction of the prosecutor in this extract. We will therefore have to wait for the next episodes of Un si grand soleil to see if the deal has been accepted. Case to be continued.


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