Such a great sun: Eve about to betray her son Eliott?


The series Un si grand soleil is more and more explosive. Eliott continues to make his own. And today Eve may well betray him.

Such a bright sun never ceases to stress viewers. And for good reason, nothing ever goes as planned. It’s Eve’s turn to turn the heat up. She could therefore betray her son Eliott.

For the past few weeks, everything has intensified in Un si grand soleil. And things are not going to end there. Besides, it’s Eliott who is at the center of all the twists and turns.

Eliott is going through very hard times. To escape prison, the young man had to accomplish a mission. But this turned out to be more complicated than expected.

And yes, nothing is simple in So Big Sun. And for Eve’s son, the writers have made the big deal.

Indeed, Sam’s darling was desperate to bring down Alicia. The businesswoman was then charged with tax evasion. Ouch!

But this mission started to become a real family affair in So Big Sun. Indeed, to bring down Alicia was therefore to betray his own. The former prosecutor’s protege was therefore with his back to the wall.

In addition, his mother Eve was very worried about her son. She then found Sam’s mother very dangerous. And yet, Eliott’s mother could change her tune and betray her son in So Big Sun.


A big turnaround could therefore occur in the next episodes of So Big Sun.

Indeed, Eliott then decided to side with Bernier. So the young man plans to run away. But Eve will come and thwart his plans. The scenario of Such a bright sun will therefore accelerate.

Sam understands that her mother and her husband are aiming to go to Asia. She then confronts Eliott and even admits to being ready to follow him. The pretty brunette really doesn’t want to part with her darling.

Besides, the boy also plans to take his mother Eve. And for good reason, he is afraid that Bernier will come after her. It is true that anything can happen in Such a great sun.

Before putting his plan into action, Alicia’s son-in-law contacts Bernier to make sure he continues to work on his own. He then takes the opportunity to give information about Alicia.

Thus, he affirms that his mother-in-law wishes to leave for Paris. So he really plans everything. Not bad !

And yet, Eve then plans to warn the prosecutor. She therefore intends to explain everything to him. But Virgil tries to reason with her. And for good reason Eliott then risks several years in prison.

But do not panic. Fans will get to see all of those twists and turns this week in So Big Sun. To be continued.


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