Such a great sun: Eliott soon in prison in the soap opera?


What is Eliott going to do? As he prepares to betray the district attorney in So Big Sun, his plan backfires …

Will Eliott still end up in prison? As he finally convinces himself that Alicia and Sam are his only family, the prosecutor feels the knot … But the young man risks falling on his own in Sunshine!

His agreement with prosecutor Bernier, however, seemed quite simple: to bring down Alicia for corruption. And above all, to be quiet when he could go back to prison for his petty trafficking. But love is involved!

As he gets closer to Sam and Alicia, he falls in love … and even proposes to Sam! What to make him hesitate. But in Un si grand soleil, hesitation can quickly prove fatal … He may experience it bitterly.

Because we must not forget that he had to bring down Alicia for corruption. His “mother-in-law” therefore has more to lose than to gain in this affair. There was no way she could risk her whole life for her daughter’s lover.

Problem, Elitott doesn’t have such a wicked mind, so he doesn’t realize the situation could backfire on him. Terrible mistake in Un si grand soleil: he ends up confessing his whole plan to Alicia, even if it means being rejected!

While he firmly believes that Sam and Alicia remain his one and only true family, he doesn’t realize it anymore. Especially since Sam has accepted his unlikely marriage proposal: nothing can stop him …


Nothing can stop him anymore, except his stepmother! With the fear of losing everything, Alicia thus puts a plan in place to counter the prosecutor. The victim ? Eliott, obviously … But the young man sees nothing coming.

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So she decides to trap him, and throw him into the clutches of the prosecutor. Serious turnaround in Un si grand soleil! But Bernier is not fooled, and quickly realizes the great maneuvers Alicia has put in place.

So he decides to tell his mother, Eve, that something is happening behind his back. Two feelings then come to cause concern for the mother: the fear of ending up in prison, and the desire to reason with her son …

But Justine does not give him time to think! More clairvoyant than the others in this story, she realizes the turmoil around Eliott in So Big Sun. But also the worries that happen for Eve!

Because if Eliott falls, Eve falls with him… The pressure mounts, and time is on the side of Alicia. How can the young man get away with this, when the DA won’t hesitate to take him down if he doesn’t have Alicia? Eve will have to reason with him, and quickly.


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