Such a great sun: Eliott investigates Hervé Croizille in depth

In Un si grand soleil, Eliott changes sides. He continues to investigate. Today, it is Hervé Croizille who becomes his new target.

Such a great sun speeds up in the next few episodes. Eliott will find a new target. Indeed the young man decides to investigate Hervé Croizille.

Such a bright sun turns intense moments to his fans. And for good reason the latter do not miss a single episode. Thus, every evening they have an appointment on France 2.

In fact, the next episodes of the series are set to be intense. Eliott continues to make his own. And the writers don’t seem to want to calm him down. So it promises to be eventful.

It is true that the young man has been holding the fans of Such a Big Sun in suspense for some time. And for good reason, his mission is to bring down Alicia.

And while this mission has started well, things will get complicated. Indeed, the young man who was desperate to corner the businesswoman, begins to hesitate.

Since learning that the big story between André and Alicia, Eliott has doubts. So, to bring Alicia down would be to betray her family. Yes, nothing is easy in So Big Sun.

With his back to the wall, he could therefore change sides. But in the next episodes of Un si grand soleil, Eve’s son will then find a new target: Hervé Croizille.


Such a great sun will therefore continue to make his fans tremble. This week Eliott could therefore make a decision that turns everything upside down.

Her very worried mother Eve therefore decides to confide in Virgil. But the young man reassures her, according to him there is nothing to worry about. But Eve is really not convinced.

At the same time, Eliott and Alicia meet Hervé Croizille. He wants to grow the money he has set aside. Thus, he explains wanting to make a discreet investment.

The businesswoman therefore gives him a file with investments in Vietnam. Eliott, for his part, joins Bernier to keep him informed of the progress of his mission. But the prosecutor is radical, he is only interested in Alicia’s clients.

But since nothing ever goes as planned in Such a Big Sun, Eliott is then suspicious. He therefore asks Vivien to do research on this Hervé Croizille.

The latter is then seen chatting with Becker. Vivien takes a picture of the two men in the car. Without waiting, he sends the pictures to Eliott.

Sam’s husband then looks furious. Moreover, a vision appears to him. He should quickly tell Alicia of his big discovery.



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