Such a great sun: Eliott already fully engaged in his mission


Since 2018, Un si grand soleil has been thrilling viewers. Today it is Eliott who is at the heart of a new mission.

The France 2 series Un si grand soleil is known for its twists and turns. Fans of the show are always eager to see what happens next. And for good reason, nothing ever goes as planned. Today, it is Eliott who finds himself at the heart of a new mission.

Two days ago Eliott’s return in Un si grand soleil became official. Yes, the handsome brown will be on our screens again this evening. Something to delight fans who were already tired of his long absence.

But his return already seems very eventful. And for good reason, it seems that a new love story is emerging. Eliott Faure is said to be about to embark on a romance.

Indeed, the young boy reappears alongside Sam Boisseron. Real love story or a stunt? On the Web the assumptions fuse.

In Un si grand soleil, tensions are often very present. In other words, Eliott is no exception to the rule. At the same time, the latter really has the habit of complicating his life.

For his comeback, Eve’s son will embark on a mission. And this one promises to be full of twists and turns.


Since his return in Un si grand soleil, Eliott has raised many questions. Indeed, Charles wonders about her. During a moment at 101, Dylan reassures Charles and explains that he is just in love.

But the latter hastens to question Eliott about his new relationship. And yet, the young man does not wish to display his private life. So he doesn’t want to answer questions.

The handsome boy subsequently updates the prosecutor on the progress of his assignment. For the moment his mission is therefore progressing well. And yet, in Un si grand soleil, nothing is easy. And for good reason, Bernier is convinced that the strategy is not the right one. He will therefore present his results.

At the same time, Eve joins Virgil to give him bills. Very worried, the latter thinks that Eliott’s mother could ruin his life because of her son’s affairs.

For his part, Becker keeps Bernier up to date on the subject of the financial squad. The latter then noticed suspicious movements of money. Indeed, Alicia Boisseron appears to be placing large clients’ money in overseas accounts.

Finally, Eliott claims to have spent the day alongside Sam Boisseron. When the young woman invites him to a cocktail, he seems over the moon to meet his new target.

Lucille’s article is published. In short, in tonight’s episode, the series So Big Sun has plenty of twists for you. So there are only a few more hours to go.


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