Such a great sun: Christophe ready to commit a bad blow?


Such a bright sun makes his fans stressful. It’s Christophe’s turn to raise the tension. He could do the worst.

Fans of Such a Big Sun continue to be amazed. Today, Christophe will be talked about a lot. He then seems ready to commit the irreparable.

Since the beginning of the series, viewers have loved Such a Big Sun. It must be said that with a tailor-made script and characters more endearing than the others, the series hit the nail on the head.

In fact, in recent weeks the series has intensified. And that, the fans understood. So on the Web, Internet users keep discussing the program.

Indeed, the latter do not hesitate to give their opinions. They are trying to guess what will happen. The assumptions therefore fuse on social networks. Not surprising !

So fans of Un si grand soleil are present every night on France 2. And this week, they shouldn’t miss a single episode. And for good reason, the series continues to accelerate.

Indeed, Christophe continues to make them his own. For several weeks he has been making a lot of talk about him. In the next episode, he would then be able to do the worst.

Such a great sun: Christophe ready to commit a bad blow?


Christophe may well surprise all fans of Un si grand soleil. And for good reason, he knows hard times. And in the next episode he seems to be up to something bad.

For his part, Julien informs Arthur that he will be home late using the excuse of a very important work meeting. But the young boy does not let himself be fooled.

At the same time, Johanna tries to provoke a meeting between Mickaël and Yvon. The goal is therefore to discuss the project. Moreover, the latter accepts and invites his friend to dinner.

But Johanna prefers to refuse to avoid ambiguity. She then explains that she has someone in her life right now. There are really plenty of love stories in So Big Sun.

He therefore does not hesitate to tell Christophe about this new relationship. Her friend is convinced that she is using him to achieve her ends. On the contrary, Mickaël thinks that this proposal deserves reflection.

Subsequently, Christophe then asks him to be very careful. So he seems on the defensive. Ouch!

Johanna then confides to Sabine her feelings for Julien. So she seems in love. She then goes to find the one who makes her heart beat at the seaside. This is the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Moreover, Christophe calls Cécile to cancel the meeting. He makes her believe he has an emergency at work. But in reality, he joins a man.

The latter hands him some money and they drive off together. Once again, the suspense is at its height in Un si grand soleil. To be continued.


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