Such a great sun: behind the scenes of the series revealed!


Go behind the scenes of the France Télévisions series, Un si grand soleil! We give you more details. What does the backstage of the French series Un si grand soleil look like?

Since the broadcast of its first episode in August 2018, the France 2 series has continued to gain in popularity. Indeed, Un si grand soleil is one of the most watched French series.

We find her in the top 3 alongside Tomorrow belongs to us and the youngest of TF1, Here everything begins. It is also in Hérault, near Montpellier that the series comes to life.

Indeed, this is where the studios of the series are located. But what you don’t know is that a stone’s throw from the studios, France Televisions has set up a huge carpentry room.

Saws and drills then run at full speed to build the sets for all his fictions and shows. The workshop is also not far from the studios.

But enough so that the construction noise does not disturb the filming in progress. Thus, it is in this space that the sets for the series are made.

It is the production designer who draws them according to the needs of the scenario of Un si grand soleil. It is therefore from simple wooden planks that 8 artisans manage to create places more real than life!

In a 20-minute report, one of the artisans explains that they are finishing a hospital setting. “It took us 6 to 7 weeks, approximately” specifies Yves, chief builder.


One of the carpenters at Un si grand soleil studios also explains that they have very modern machines. She specifies that this allows them to “save themselves physically”.

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The craftsmen will then put their creations on the set when the cameras are at rest. Nathalie tells the same media that she finds her work fascinating.

“At the time, I didn’t work in this industry at all, and I didn’t really have an eye to see the sets. »She explains. “Today, when I watch TV, I see things that I never saw before! »She adds.

You should know that this XXL carpentry does not only work on the sets of Such a great sun. Indeed, France Télévisions takes the opportunity to create great sets for other series and programs.

We think of the series Plus belle la vie or the television news. Before, the infrastructures were manufactured in the 4 corners of France.

Today everything is in the same hangar that the group has occupied since 2018. “The first sets were built in Marseille, and assembled in Montpellier. »Explains Olivier Roelens, executive producer of the series.

“Our ambition was to create a centralized carpentry workshop in Montpellier,” he adds. Which is the case today!

From now on, everything is done in Hérault. The sets then travel through the shoots. In Paris, Marseille or even Lille.


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