Such a great sun: an old character is making a comeback!


Such a bright sun always prepares many surprises for viewers. Moreover, an old character seems to be making a comeback.

Fans of Such a Big Sun are always surprised. And for good reason, the series is full of surprises. Thus, an old character arrives again in the cast.

Such a bright sun can be addictive. And for good reason, the scenario is rich in twists and turns. Nothing ever goes as planned. Something to delight fans of suspense therefore.

Thus, viewers of France 2 never miss a single episode. Moreover, lately, it seems that the writers have put the small dishes in the big ones. Eh yes !

Between mysteries and secrets, the patience of fans of Un si grand soleil is often put to the test. It must be said that everything then seems complicated for the characters in the series. Not easy !

But do not panic. Such a bright sun is also a lot of love. In fact, viewers quickly become attached to the characters in the series.

And for good reason, they are there every evening. So when an actor leaves the cast, it quickly becomes a drama. Ouch!

To please fans of Sunshine, the series sometimes brings characters back after they leave. So nice !

In fact, a former character in the series seems to be making a comeback. Fans of the series should see him again on France 2 soon.

Such a great sun: an old character is making a comeback!


Since 2018 Such a big sun never ceases to amaze its fans. Thus, many departures and arrivals have taken place.

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In fact, the departure of some of the main characters from the series seems very complicated. This is the case, for example, of Gary Guénaire or Mélanie Robert.

The couple never made a comeback in So Big Sun. But with the series, viewers can expect anything.

And yet, some actors have left to come back better. Christophe played by Hubert Benhamdine or Elsa played by Julie Boulanger. In short, the return of certain characters is therefore very happy to the fans.

And that, the writers understood it well. Thus, this list should then grow. And yes, a former actor of So Big Sun was spotted on the set of the show.

Hugues Ancelin, played by Renaud Danner would therefore be back. The latter is married to Elisabeth Bastide and has not hesitated to stir up trouble within his family.

Besides, he even kidnapped Arthur. His departure from the series was prompted by his death. So his return is very surprising.

So, reincarnation or going back? The hypotheses are therefore bursting. It could also be that Julien Bastide has hallucinations and thus sees him again in his dreams.

In any case, on the Insta post of Such a Great Sun, there is so much doubt. It is then said, “Is he back on the set with Jeremy Banster?” Ideas ? ” To be continued.


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