Such a bright sun: Will Eliott rock Alicia?


Eliott had planned to go abroad with Sam in So Big Sun. However, he will get arrested and betray Alicia. For several weeks now, Eliott has found himself at the heart of a big intrigue in Un si grand soleil. The young man will have to betray Alicia in order not to return to prison. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Eliott, soon in prison in Un si grand soleil? A few weeks ago, the young man began his very first assignment as a informer. In order to escape prison, Bernier asked him to investigate Alicia. The Boisseron family had just packed their bags in Montpellier with their children.

Alicia is a businesswoman, but she has embezzled money. So the prosecutor has had her in the sights for a long time and is ready to do anything to put her behind bars. So Eliott tried to complete his mission and got closer to Sam, Alicia’s daughter. The two young people fell in love with each other.

Going out with Sam, Eliott was able to get closer to Alicia in Such a Big Sun. So, over the course of the episodes, he managed to gain her confidence and she showed him her second accountancy. Eliott was therefore ready to throw it at Bernier, but discovered that Gaspard was his half-brother.

Then, most of all, he felt terrible about sending Alicia to jail and betraying her sweetheart. So he suggested that the businesswoman go abroad several times and she ended up listening to him. Still, it looks like she didn’t have enough time to put her plan into action.

Such a bright sun: Eliott is going to swing Alicia to save her skin?


Eliott was thinking of going very far with Sam and had even asked Eve to follow them in So Big Sun. However, she refused and did not want her son to go away for good. So she didn’t hesitate to betray him and warn Bernier. Thus, the latter ended up arresting Alicia and Eliott.

Wednesday February 24, Alicia will go to the police station in front of her children. The prosecutor will also arrest Eliott, because for him, he played double agents from the start. So Bernier is going to tell Eliott that he has no choice but to make Alicia talk if he doesn’t want to go to jail. The young man will therefore agree to say everything.

Eliott will agree to help Bernier corner Alicia in So Big Sun. He will therefore confide that the second accounting is indeed in the computer they found. He’s also going to talk about his mother-in-law’s many clients, but Sam’s mother will deny it all. Indeed, she will ensure to be the victim of a set-up.

However, Guilhem will suggest that he confess everything in order to have a lightened sentence. Alicia may well fall for good in tonight’s episode. For his part, Eliott is expected to escape another prison sentence. However, nothing says that he will remain in a relationship with Sam …


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