Such a bright sun: Virgil goes into spy mode to help Eve!


Such a bright sun creates more and more suspense. The characters pay the price. Virgil will therefore turn into a spy for Eve.

There are many mysteries in Such a great sun. So Virgil will improvise himself as a spy for Eve.

Lately, the suspense is at its height in Un si grand soleil. It must be said that with Eliott’s return, things got more complicated.

To escape prison, the young man has accepted a great mission. He then had to bring down Alicia. But this one turned out to be more complicated than expected.

So, in a few weeks the mission took a whole new turn. Between family history, marriage, separation or even betrayal, Eve’s thread brought great moments to viewers in Un si grand soleil.

And for good reason, the pretty mother has long been very worried about her son. Indeed, he never did things by halves. In fact, when he thought about running away, she even thought about denouncing him.

In short, she often thinks about it. It’s not easy being Eliott’s mom then. But do not panic. She often finds comfort in Virgil. Phew!

Moreover, when everything accelerates and the young woman risks prison, Virgil will then play the spies.

Such a bright sun: Virgil goes into spy mode to help Eve!


Eve is truly desperate to save her son in Such a Big Sun. And for good reason, she is ready to trap Alicia.

In the next episode, Virgil will therefore play the informants. Early in the morning, he claims to have to leave for Barcelona. So he asks Vivien to take care of the campsite.

The young man then refuses. And for good reason, he has one important thing to do. Virgil therefore calls Eve and warns her that Vivien will then help Eliott transport Alicia’s files.

Even though they are afraid of going to jail, Manu’s great friend promises to help him get the accounts back. And yet, he is going to be very hard on Eve. Indeed, he admits that he would have preferred never to know them. So fans of Such a Big Sun will be surprised.

For its part, the Boisserons are preparing their suitcases for the big departure. Eliott takes advantage of this moment to explain wanting to tell the truth to Gaspart. Alicia isn’t opposed to this idea, but prefers to do it herself.

The family then proceeds to the airport. But beware, the police are watching them. And yes, Such a big sun makes it big then.

At the same time, Virgil takes Vivien in spin. The latter arrives at Dylan’s to retrieve Alicia’s accounts.

Finally, he takes advantage of the young boy resting on a motorway rest area to block him with a taser and thus steal the documents. What to raise the pressure then.

Things speed up then in Such a great sun. To be continued.


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