Such a bright sun: the gunman soon arrested by the police?


How are the police going to corner the shooter of So Big Sun? While Elise had to play the bait, the plan did not work …

The shooter causes trouble in So Big Sun, but the tide begins to turn! Elise did indeed play the bait … A plan that didn’t really work. But sometimes chance does things well!

Because Elise is no longer afraid of the shooter. She seems ready to face him … But he doesn’t trust him. so he avoids the meeting … Yet he was not as far as the police might have thought.

As the police abandon the trail, Elise must return home. But surprise in A so big sun the shooter turned around at the last moment! He is therefore on the way to the policewoman …

She runs into him as she walks in. She finds her reflexes straight away, takes out her weapon first, and points it at him! Victory: the police will finally get their hands on the shooter … But the man has resources!

He takes out a photo. Elise turns pale. The shooter will remind him of an old story… And a big turnaround in Un si grand soleil: he takes the strong position, with a photo of his daughter. She knows her!


He thus recalls their first meeting with Elise. Because Emma, ​​Moretti’s daughter, suffered violence from her partner. She ended up dying, when she had come to file a complaint … But Elise hadn’t done anything!

Elise then regains ascendancy in Un si grand soleil. She gives her side of the story in this way: she suggested that Moretti confront her daughter’s former spouse … Because Emma didn’t want to press charges!

During this tense moment, the policewoman still manages to keep her cool. So she takes her phone, and discreetly calls Sophia to record the whole discussion on her answering machine …

She gives the message without delay to Manu: he will be able to intervene! He leaves everything to join Elise… Could this be the end of the shooter’s flight? Answer next week in Un si grand soleil!


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