Such a bright sun: Sofia signs the papers to adopt Charlie!

Such a great sun is full of twists and turns. Charlie’s custody case accelerates. Indeed, Sofia signs the adoption papers.

Such a bright sun continues to animate his fans. And for good reason the scenario is tailor-made. It’s Sofia’s turn to bring a great moment to life. Indeed, she is already signing the adoption papers.

The last episodes of Such a Big Sun are explosive. Thus, nothing goes as planned. Viewers can’t wait to see the sequel. Not surprising !

Eliott never ceases to stress fans of the series. His mission promises to be more complicated than expected. This then becomes a great family story.

Sam’s husband therefore thinks of changing sides. He then wants to side with Alicia. Besides, he unmasked a mole. The prosecutor’s little protégé therefore becomes a real pro.

Eliott then finds himself with his back to the wall. The writers of Un si grand soleil are therefore putting the small dishes in the big ones.

In short, this mission story is far from over. But that’s not all. The other characters in the series continue to encounter twists and turns.

Besides, it looks like it’s Sofia’s turn to shake things up. Thus, the next episodes continue to gain in intensity.

And for good reason, Sofia will finally sign the adoption papers. So the story of Charlie’s custody will take a whole new turn in Sunshine So Much.


For several weeks, Charlie’s guard has been in the center of such a bright sun. And for good reason, Bilal saw the situation very badly. Thus, Florent therefore offered parents a solution. Indeed, Sofia should therefore adopt the little one.

For this, the young woman must marry her darling Elise. As a result, she proposes to the policewoman in marriage.

But in the next episode of the series, it all speeds up. And for good reason, Bilal, Sofia and Elise sign the official adoption documents at the notary.

Bilal takes the opportunity to ask forgiveness from Elise. Thus, the new mother realizes that Charlie is the embodiment of this friendship. She therefore does not regret anything. Too cute !

Back at the roommate, they find Hafida. Sofia’s sweetheart confesses to him that she considers her a mother. This is declarations day then.

She then tells him that she is the girl she never had. So fans of Such a Big Sun should be very touched.

At the same time, Sofia announces the news of her marriage to Davia and Victor. It will therefore take place in 2 months. So they seem very happy.

Davia takes the opportunity to apologize to Bilal. The next episodes of Un si grand soleil are therefore set to be rich in emotions. To be continued.



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