Such a bright sun: Sofia ready prevent the murder of Elise!


In the next episodes of the soap opera Such a big sun, Sofia will succeed in preventing the murder of Elise.

Attention spoilers! In the series Un si grand soleil, broadcast on the France 2 channel, Elisa will miss being killed by the famous shooter. His companion Sofia is going to save his life.

Run for your life ! There’s a killer in Elise’s house. Will she manage to escape him? The answer is yes ! In the series Such a big sun, Sofia will turn into a real heroine.

Indeed, the young woman failed to trap the gunman. In the park, she was trying to entice him into her nets. However, he is much smarter than she thought.

And for good reason, the latter managed to enter her home without her realizing it. Neither she nor his girlfriend Sofia.

So Sofia – played by actress Marie-Clotilde Ramos-Ibanez – returns home quietly. The young woman rushes to take a shower.

When suddenly the man takes aim at her. Frightened, Elise joins her discreetly. At this moment, Sofia manages to alert Manu in Un si grand soleil.

So, Manu and Humeau arrive on time and manage to neutralize the shooter. For the two women, it was less of a …


In any case, that’s not the only plotline that has animated the soap opera So Big Sun lately. Viewers also witness the beginning of a love story between Gerald and Yasmine.

Problem, the man is at the very least awkward with the one who is trying to seduce. While Yasmine tries everything for everything, like inviting her for a drink, Gérald will decline his invitation.

He will even lie to her, claiming that she is overworked and not getting enough sleep. It must be said that Gérald does not at all want to meet his daughter, with whom he slept a few days earlier.

So, will Yasmine eventually learn of their affair? What will happen between the two lovebirds? To be continued in Un si grand soleil.


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