Such a bright sun: Sofia is in the shooter’s line of sight!


Sofia is in danger of death in So Big Sun. Elise’s darling could well get shot in the next few episodes. Sofia and Elise go through some rough times in So Big Sun. In the next few episodes, a man will attempt to kill Sofia and she may well die. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Sofia and Elise find themselves in turmoil in Un si grand soleil. A few weeks ago, Elise gave birth and seemed very happy to finally be able to form a family with her sweetheart. However, things got a little tough for the policewoman, who has long hidden her secret from everyone.

Indeed, fans recently learned that Elise was a cam girl before she became a cop. The latter is not proud of her past and has had a hard time telling her girlfriend and colleagues about it. However, it ended up falling on him, as Fournier did not hesitate to use his past to blackmail him.

Elise therefore found herself in police custody in So Great Sunshine and lost the trust of some of her colleagues. Nevertheless, she can still count on the support of Ludo, who did everything so that Sofia could see her in police custody. Fortunately, all turned out well for the policewoman, and she was able to reunite with her loved ones.

For her part, Sofia has understood Elise’s past and does not want to hold it against her. In the rest of the series, the latter will be in danger of death and a man could well want to kill her.


This Monday, January 18 in Un si grand soleil, Sofia will be in all its forms. The latter is not going to sleep well and will have many nightmares where she will relive Philou’s death. This will traumatize her again and Elise will feel very bad for her. So his sweetheart won’t hesitate to apologize to him, Allociné echoes.

Elise will know that she is partly responsible for the death of Sofia’s friend. However, Sofia will no longer want to talk about it and will refuse to hold him responsible. For her, all that will matter is turning the page. She will want to make the most of her family life. Elise, meanwhile, will have to return to work and will be uncomfortable dealing with her colleagues.

Fortunately, the policewoman will be able to count on Bilal’s support. Besides, she will tell him about Elise, who hasn’t been in good shape since Philou’s death. Bilal will offer to babysit Charlie so that they can have a little time in love. Something to please Sofia who will reserve a table at the restaurant.

So, a little later, Sofia and Elise will meet at Les Sauvages to have a good time together. However, they will be far from suspecting that a gunman will target them, posed on a roof a few meters from the establishment. The latter will target Sofia and she could well die in Un si grand soleil…


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