Such a bright sun: Sam discovers the truth about Eliott!

The secrets of Such a great sun begin to unfold. Besides, the whole truth about Eliott is revealed. Sam finds out all about her husband.

In Un si grand soleil, secrets and mysteries punctuate the series. And in the next episodes, big truths will then emerge. Sam finds out the whole truth about her husband Eliott.

For several weeks, the tension has intensified in Un si grand soleil. Indeed, the writers seem to have put the small dishes in the big ones. What delighted all the fans then.

Besides, if there is one story that gives viewers great moments, that is Eliott’s mission. Eh yes !

A few weeks ago, the young man received a mission to escape prison. And since then, it’s been a disaster in So Big Sun. Not easy then.

On paper, the prosecutor’s mission did not seem unfeasible. So Sam’s son had to corner Alicia.

But nothing goes as planned in Such a Big Sun. So everything then got complicated. The mission has therefore become a real family affair.

Between marriage, betrayals and secrets, the characters therefore had no limits in expressing their interests.

And since Sam’s revelation and Alicia’s arrest, everything has been accelerating in So Great Sun. Besides, Sam is going to do a lot of things too.

Such a bright sun: Sam discovers the whole truth about Eliott!


The next episode of Such a Big Sun promises to be explosive for Sam and Eliott.

Eliott then spent the night at 101. So Dylan tries to figure out what is going on. The young man replies that his relationship with his wife is strained.

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Sam’s husband therefore calls his mother and asks her to join him. He then tries to understand the role his mother played in Alicia’s arrest.

Eve no longer has a choice. So she admits having asked Virgil to steal the businesswoman’s accounts. The tension therefore rises in Un si grand soleil.

So Eliott sees red. He then begins to smash whatever he finds. Even if his mother tries to justify herself, the young man orders her to leave the place.

Subsequently, Eve joins Virgil and tells him everything. She then feels like she has lost her son. Not easy then.

And yet, the pretty mother does not regret her gesture. Everyone then escaped the prison.

For his part, Sam will be informed by Florent that Alicia’s property will be seized. She then visits her mother.

The businesswoman explains to him that since Eliott came into their lives, it’s been a disaster. Ouch!

So Alicia thinks her son-in-law worked for the police and her marriage was part of the plan. So Sam collapses.

Only a few hours before discovering all this in pictures in Un si grand soleil. To be continued.



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