Such a bright sun: Kira goes to hide in a campsite!


Kira has a hard time adjusting to Such a Big Sun. The young woman will want to go to Paris, but could change her plans.

Kira has been living with Florent and Claire for a few weeks in Un si grand soleil. The young woman is having a hard time adjusting and will want to go to Paris with a friend. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Nothing is going well for Kira in Such a big sun. The young girl has already experienced big disappointments in recent years and has a hard time giving her confidence. So, she did some nonsense and is in great distress. She finds it hard to bear the thought that her mother has abandoned her and has gone into foster care.

Kira has little regard for her in the France 2 soap opera. So, is angry and has a hard time dealing with her emotions. Still, Florent got very attached to the teenager and wanted to help him. While she was in foster care, he often visited her and had a long discussion with Claire.

The two characters of Such a Big Sun wanted to give Kira a chance. Thus, they chose to become a foster family in order to be able to host and take care of her. Claire knows full well that the young girl has run away from home a lot, but she wishes to bring her a better life and prevent him from doing anything stupid.

Still, Kira had a hard time adjusting and made Claire and Florent see it all. However, as she finally began to open up to them, the young girl reunited with her friend, Zoe. The two girls decided to go to Paris together.


In order to leave Montpellier, Kira stole money from Florent and Claire in Un si grand soleil. Then the young girl packed her bags and left without telling her host family. In the rest of the drama, the lawyer will realize that he no longer has his bank card and will be convinced that he was stolen by the teenager.

Florent and Claire will quickly understand that the young girl has run away. They will therefore want to go looking for him. Moreover, the two lovers will not hesitate to alert Sabine and Virgil to help them find her. For her part, Kira will find Chloe and they will try to take a train to Paris.

Kira will see Virgil at the station and will have to change her plans in So Big Sun. Thus, the two young girls will want to hitchhike, but Kira will be more and more nervous. Indeed, she will begin to have doubts and will no longer want to leave. Zoe will try to convince her to follow her and will promise her a better life.

However, Kira will change her mind and Zoe will leave alone for the Capital. Instead, Kira takes refuge at the campsite and goes to find Virgil. He will be glad to see her again and will promise to always be there for her. Words which will appease the young girl and which should do her a lot of good …


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