Such a bright sun: Kelly leaves the Bastides on a whim!


In Un si grand soleil, Kelly decides to leave the Bastide home on a whim! We’ll tell you more right now! Kelly leaves the Bastides on a whim in Un si grand soleil.

We are all fans of Such a great sun! Yes, in the space of two years, this soap opera has established itself as France 2’s benchmark for series. Very cool !

Indeed, every evening, young and old follow the adventures of our favorite heroes.

But if Un si grand soleil works so well, it’s mainly thanks to its twists and turns, and its ultra-touching characters.

Yep, the characters in this series are really super endearing. In short, we are really a fan of Manu, Alice, Elsa but also Kelly!

Yep, in the space of a few episodes, we got really attached to this young homeless girl. But unfortunately, in the next episode of Un si grand soleil, on a whim, Kelly decides to leave the Bastides!

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more straight away!


In Un si grand soleil, Kelly has started to find her place at the Bastides.

Yes, the young homeless man taken in by Alice and her family, had finally managed to find her place.

But unfortunately, Kelly will decide to leave the Bastides on a whim.

Indeed, in the next episode of Such a Bright Sun, Arthur catches Kelly smoking a joint. She therefore offers to join her, which Arthur accepts.

But unfortunately, upon returning home, Julien realizes that his son is not in his normal state.

So he goes to see Kelly in her room and lectures her.

Convinced that she does not deserve the generosity the Bastides have shown, Kelly apologizes to Julien, before thanking him for what he has done for her, and leaving the home. Ouch!

So, is Kelly going back to the Bastides in the Un si grand soleil suite? Will they, once again, come and help him!

We, in any case, our fingers crossed!


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