Such a bright sun: Julien is offering dinner for Johanna!


Julien and Johanna continue to get closer in Un si grand soleil! Indeed, the duo are preparing to spend an evening alone!

Fans of Such a Big Sun will be in heaven! And for good reason: Johanna and Julien continue to get closer and are preparing to have a dinner alone!

The next episodes of Un si grand soleil will still be full of twists and turns! Indeed, the scenario of the soap opera has been more and more explosive in recent days.

A plot has caught the attention of fans! It is about the rapprochement between Johanna and Julien. The boss of AL Cosmetics and the lawyer are spending more and more time together. And they seem to fall for each other!

This attraction has not escaped the other characters of Un si grand soleil. Julien’s employees even suspect the young divorcee of having an affair with the pretty blonde.

However, the duo have not yet shifted into high gear! Indeed, Julien and Johanna continue to see each other for work and try to hide their mutual attraction.

The fans of Un si grand soleil are therefore eagerly awaiting a rapprochement between the two singles! And surprise! Tonight, Julien will finally decide to invite the new chosen one of his heart!

Such a bright sun: Julien suggests that Johanna have dinner with him!


Julien is going to have a little chat with his employees in the Un si grand soleil suite. Enric will then apologize for his derogatory remarks about Johanna’s visits to her office. He will then assure him that the young woman is crazy about him!

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The young dad will then decide to take a new step and invite the young woman to dinner at his place.

For her part, Johanna does not yet expect to live an evening with Julien. Indeed, the pretty blonde is fully involved in the negotiations of the domain her ex Michael.

The pretty blonde has agreed to meet her former boyfriend again to talk about the buyout of her house. An appointment that may then bring back memories!

The young woman still seems troubled by Julien. She will therefore accept his invitation and join him for a one-to-one dinner this evening.

The duo will be particularly complicit during the evening. So, are they going to admit their feelings and take it to the next level? Or will Johanna prefer to try her luck with her ex Michael? Case to follow!

Regardless, the sequel to Un Si grand soleil promises to be full of surprises! Indeed, Johanna’s love future seems to be on a new twist!

Fans of the soap opera dream of seeing the lawyer in Julien’s arms! We will therefore have to wait a few days to find out more about this new idyll!


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