Such a bright sun: Julien hires a detective to clear Johanna!


Julien is going to be talked about in Un si grand soleil. He decides to take matters into his own hands and help Johanna. Everything is therefore accelerating.

Julien does not intend to let himself go in Un si grand soleil. He will then find a solution to save Johanna.

Fans of Such a Big Sun seem eager to see what happens next. It must be said that nothing ever goes as planned in the series. Enough to intrigue the latter then.

Indeed, the scenario is really tailor-made. Between mysteries, secrets or even suspense, the tension is therefore at its peak in the episodes. Not bad !

In fact, the sequel to Un si grand soleil promises to be even more explosive. It would seem then that the writers have put the small dishes in the big ones. Viewers are therefore likely to be in heaven.

It’s then Julien’s turn to stand out. As a reminder, the latter lives a beautiful and intense relationship with Johanna. Such a bright sun is also a lot of love. Too cute !

Thus, the young dad does not intend to let his sweetheart manage her affairs alone on her side. He will then try to have it whitewashed.

The next episode of Un si grand soleil should then be full of twists and turns.


The sequel to Un si grand soleil will then intensify and amaze the fans. Thus, the characters in the series may therefore pay the price. Ouch!

Indeed, Inès and Anissa are trying to make things happen. To make their voices heard about sexual consent, they are taking a big step forward.

This action then divides the high school students and their parents. Besides, Enzo doesn’t really like the gesture. He finds this attitude extreme and decides to confide in Etienne. Enough to make the fans react so brightly.

For his part, Gary finally manages to hire Myriam. Thus, the latter hopes to be able to get closer to her. And yet, the young woman seems already interested in another employee of L. Cosmetics.

In addition, Julien also decides to move. He then hires a private investigator. His goal is therefore to find new elements that would exonerate the beautiful Johanna.

Moreover, Florent explains that it is more reasonable to plead self-defense. And yet, thanks to a new element, the latter then believes that she may have been trapped in Such a great sun.

Thus, the private detective contacts Julien. He then returns with compromising photos. The investigation could then tip over and shut Johanna out. Phew!

But do not panic. Fans of Such a Big Sun won’t wait very long to see all of this in pictures. Many surprises are yet to come. To be continued.