Such a bright sun: Johanna flies to Julien’s aid!


In one of the next episodes of Un si grand soleil, Johanna will come to Julien’s aid and save his life. Attention spoilers! In the series Un si grand soleil, Julien is going through a rough patch. While in the midst of a divorce, Johanna comes to his aid.

Between Julien and Alice, it is soon an old story. Indeed, their divorce takes shape in the famous successful series Un si grand soleil.

However, Julien does not feel released for all that. And for good reason, Arthur and Manon’s dad is going through a very bad time.

It’s quite simple: he is facing great economic difficulties. The finances of his company L. Cosmetics – in which Prune, Gary and Bilal works – have enough to sound the alarm bells.

First, Gary, employee of the company, lets his imagination run wild. In short, he is eager to find a solution, and quickly. But in the end, he can’t find any plan that holds up.

So, Johanna (Aurore Delplace) will help out. In turn, she offers a whole host of solutions to the entrepreneur. Could any of them get him out of misery?

Besides, it’s not for nothing that the pretty blonde wants to give him a helping hand. This year 2021, they start it together …

So, will his plan work? Will their love affair start? In the soap opera Un si grand soleil, viewers are never sure of anything.


In the series Un si grand soleil, other storylines keep viewers spellbound. Indeed, Johanna is not the only character to be found at the heart of the story.

So Sam and Eliott begin a love affair. However, would the young man be really sincere and in love?

As for Élise, she will not be sanctioned in the Gaëlle Lestrac case. At least not for now. However, his aggression leaves traces of Sofia and Bilal.

One thing’s for sure, Elise has it all planned out in So Big Sun. If anything happened to the sergeant, she would take Charlie away from the country.

As a reminder, Elise and Sofia recently got away with it. The gunman had gotten into her home. However, Sofia managed to save her partner’s life.

And for good reason, she managed to warn the police. So they arrived just in time to disarm him and get him on board.

But Bilal, cautious, is not reassured. Indeed, he struggles to keep his peace and quiet. Does he regret already? We must believe …

Thus, Bilal found comfort with Akim, Ludo and Marilyne. In order not to be separated from his biological daughter, he decided to recognize his rights.

So how will Charlie’s moms react? The two women could experience it like a real stab. To be continued …


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