Such a bright sun: Is Sam ready to leave Eliott?


Your favorite characters from So Big Sun are in trouble … Sam is about to break up with Eliott … Love, twists, and suspense … Such a bright sun is all that and more. This week, the fate of Sam and Eliott is more than ever on the spot.

If you don’t want to spoil your favorite show, don’t read on.

And these are about Sam and Eliott. The couple going through a crisis are in more danger than ever, and they may well break up.

Indeed, as Allociné reveals on his website, things will turn sour between the two lovers in Un si grand soleil. Following her interrogation, Alicia is brought before a judge and should be promptly jailed.

For his part, Eliott, whitewashed, leaves the police station. As he leaves the establishment, Eliott receives a visit from his dear daddy’s ghost.

And that’s when things get sour. Indeed, Andre suspects Eve of having thrown her son, but Eliott does not believe it at all. You will understand, everything is not so rosy in Un si grand soleil.

Such a big sun Sam ready to break up with Eliott for good


For his part, Guilhem will warn Sam that his mother risks several years in prison. We learn from Allociné that the young woman wanted to know the role her husband played in this dark affair.

The lawyer will then explain to him that he probably used his release against information about Alicia. So Sam goes home and has an argument with Eliott.

The young woman criticizes her boyfriend for throwing his mother on the police. Despite her apologies, Sam is hurt in her self-esteem, she wants to distance herself, so she doesn’t want to be in the same room as Eliott anymore.

She will therefore ask Eliott to return the keys to the family home to her. After dark, Eliott goes to Vivien’s place to find out what happened with the Alicia boxes.

The young man will then make creaking revelations. He reveals to his friend that he was attacked by a hooded man and that he could not see his identity. Eliott suspects Virgil of being responsible for this violent assault …

You will understand, the next episodes of Un si grand soleil will not be boring. Along with Sam and Eliott’s endangered love story, you’ll also hear from Yasmine.

The young woman goes to the visiting room to give her son some money. As he claims all the money she won with the scratch ticket from her, Yasmine will not let it go …


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