Such a bright sun: Gerald is refusing Dylan’s money!


Such a bright sun never ceases to amaze his fans. Today, it’s Gerald’s turn to make people talk about him. He refuses Dylan’s help.

Nothing ever goes as planned in So Big Sun. And for good reason, Gerald will surprise everyone. He then refuses his son Dylan’s money.

Such a great sun is very successful. It must be said that with a tailor-made script, viewers quickly become addicted. Eh yes !

Between loves, mysteries and secrets, fans of the series are quickly waiting for the rest. Thus, the latter do not miss a single episode. The evening meeting on France 2 is therefore compulsory.

But that’s not all. The series is also popular thanks to its characters. Indeed, they are very endearing. Some people piss off fans of Such a Big Sun. And yet, the latter take great pleasure in hating them.

Moreover, the next episodes promise to be rich in twists and turns. Everything seems to be complicated for the heroes of France 2. Not easy then.

Even though fans of Such a Big Sun are used to twists and turns, the pressure will mount very quickly.

Indeed, Gerald continues to make his own. He will therefore decide to refuse his son’s help. Dylan wanted to give him some money then.

Such a bright sun: Gerald refuses the money given by his son Dylan!


The next episodes of Un si grand soleil are therefore set to be explosive. Gérald continues to be talked about. Things will therefore quickly accelerate. Not bad !

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When he drops Yasmine off at work, Dylan’s dad then warns that he has booked a lodge for the following week. The two lovers will therefore go on a getaway in Un si grand soleil.

For his part, Driss makes contact with his sister. He then asks her for money. In fact, Anissa takes the time to reassure him about their mother’s new darling. She then explains that he is a good man.

And yet, the young man remains on the reserve. It’s not for his mother to date a white man. Very angry, he hangs up on his sister’s face. Ouch!

At the same time, Dylan contacts his father. He explains to her that the check for 4000 euros was rejected by the bank. The young boy is therefore very worried. He then asks his father to pay attention to his finances.

But Gérald does not appreciate his son’s morals at all. So he says he is handling the situation. But don’t forget that nothing is ever simple in So Big Sun.

In fact, Dylan goes to 101 and explains the situation to Eliott. Sam’s son then gives him 5,000 euros. He thanks him for his help with Alicia’s accounting.

So the young man hastens to give the money to his father. But the latter refuses.

In fact, to collect money, Gerald intends to work on a construction site at night. He also cancels his plans with Yasmine. To be continued.


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