Such a bright sun: Eve is very worried about her son Eliott!


Eliott puts himself in danger in Un si grand soleil. His new relationship with Sam will not please Eve who will be very worried about him.

Eliott begins his first assignment as an indicator in So Big Sun. He’s not going to hesitate to get closer to Sam and that won’t make Eve happy. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Eliott takes risks for his new job! This Monday, January 25, fans of Such a Big Sun will meet new characters. Alicia Boisseron arrives with her children Sam and Gaspard and they will quickly get closer to Eliott. Besides, it could spark sparks.

As Télé-Loisirs confided, Eve’s son became an informer for the public prosecutor. Thus, from this evening, the latter will investigate Alicia, who will just put down her bags in Montpellier. The young man is going to have to find some evidence because she is suspected of tax evasion.

Eliott is going to have a plan in So Big Sun, though, as he gets closer to Alicia’s daughter, Sam. Alicia is a medical student and lost her father many years ago. Eliott will use all his charms to flirt with her and will quickly succeed.

Thanks to Sam, Eve’s son will be able to bond with Alicia and put her in confidence. For that, he will tell her about his past as a cigarette trafficker. However, this will not really please Eve who will not understand why he is so close to this family.


Eve is not going to like her son’s new job in So Big Sun. She’s even going to worry that he gets so close to Alicia and Sam. The latter will know that Eliott is using Sam to get info on Alicia. Thus, she will be somewhat uncomfortable and will not validate her actions. However, she will also have a bad feeling.

Eve will be somewhat worried that her son is spending time with Alicia. Indeed, she is going to explain that she “doesn’t like” Sam’s mother too much and will have a hard time giving reasons. It could in fact be that Eve has crossed Alicia’s path in the past and has been lying to her son for years …

The Boisseron family may well be hiding many secrets in Un si grand soleil. Alicia will ask herself a lot of questions about Eliott, but especially about her father, André Faure “whom she knew well”, echoes Télé-Loisirs. For his part, Eliott will start dreaming about his father again and that could have a link.

So, did Sam have a thing with Eliott’s brother? This is what seems to be the new plot of the soap opera of France 2. We can therefore prepare for many revelations in the coming weeks and Eliott could finally be trapped by Alicia.


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