Such a bright sun: Eve is very worried about her son Eliott!


Allociné has just revealed what will happen in the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. Eve is going to worry about Eliott

If you carefully follow Un si grand soleil every evening on France 2, we advise you to stop reading at this level. Since this article may have a few spoilers and will deal with Eve’s concern for her son Eliott, but not just that.

Indeed, we are also going to talk about Kira’s dilemma. The young girl, “adopted” by her foster family of Florent and Claire, will have to make a terrible choice. That of privileging friendship over love for one’s “parents”.

Because yes, if you follow all the episodes, you know that Claire is still part of the life of the young girl in A so big sun. Her eternal friend of the household has just left it and wishes to leave for Paris. But not on her own.

Indeed, she asks Kira to accompany her and above all, to steal money from Claire and Florent in order to be able to go up to the capital. If the young woman hesitates for a long time, she finally decides to take money from the lawyer …

But it is a little despite herself that Florent and Claire’s “daughter” complies. Since she ignores Zoe’s calls for a long time but can’t help it when she comes face to face with her on the street.

It remains to be seen whether she will really go all the way and go to Paris. It probably sounds like the end of his character in So Big Sun.


Regarding Eve and Eliott’s concern, we are not ready to be done. Indeed, the young man made the choice to send the DNA samples after being convinced by Gaspard and his brother, as Allociné notes.

Despite everything, the mother feels compelled to question her son about the progress of the mission. This having the gift of annoying him. Like any child being questioned a little too much by his parents. But Eliott is not going to be able to restrain himself and will tell his 4 truths to his mother.

In other words, the young boy of Such a Bright Sun is just going to ask him to stop pressuring him. After that, Eliott leaves to join the prosecutor. To let him know that a CDD had been offered to him by Alicia.

This gave him hope that it is only a matter of time. Before discovering the natures of her stepmother’s activity. It remains to be seen if Eve isn’t going to screw it up. Indeed, the mother of the boy, very worried, chooses to call Alicia.

Claiming that she wants to hear from the newlyweds, she still manages to get invited to dinner with her rival. Despite everything, she manages to let nothing show. And, therefore, not to arouse doubts in the mother-in-law of her son.

But how long is it going to last? Is Eliott going to be unmasked in the Un si grand soleil sequel? The answer in the next episodes.


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