Such a bright sun: Elise becomes the bait to catch!


In Un si grand soleil, Elise is once again in big trouble. The latter will soon be used as bait to catch the shooter.

In the next episode of The Big Sun series, a lot of twists are going to happen. The beautiful Elise will become the bait to catch the shooter.

On France 2, Un si grand soleil is a hit. Indeed, the series shows every night the life of ordinary characters. Very attached to the latter, fans of fiction are eager to discover the rest of their stories.

In recent weeks, many adventures have taken place in Montpellier. And this is not to displease the many fans of the series.

Johanna and Ludo have decided to go their separate ways. Even though the two lovers tried to put the pieces back together, the breakup was inevitable. Despite the pretty young woman’s efforts, Ludo already seems determined to build a new life on his own.

For her part, Sofia is in danger of death. A gunman targets the young woman when she is in the Savages with her darling Elise.

But it looks like the shooter doesn’t plan on stopping there in So Big Sun. It was then Elise’s turn to be in danger.


In Un si grand soleil, nothing is ever easy. Last week Elise was already in big trouble. The policewoman seemed to live the perfect love with Sofia. In fact, the two women have recently become mothers. What happiness!

And yet, Elise hides secrets from her sweetheart. Indeed, the latter is the subject of great blackmail by Thomas Fournier. The young woman therefore explains to Stéphanie Roux that he was in possession of porn videos. The former cam girl was therefore obliged to make Gaëlle Lestrac’s file disappear.

So for Elise it was a disaster. But the latter was released. Phew! In short, the writers of the series Un si grand soleil put the small dishes in the big ones.

Besides, in the next episode it looks like the beautiful Elise is in big trouble again. In Montpellier the shooter is still talking about him. He then leaves a message on Emma’s answering machine.

At the same time Becker announces to Bernier that he has found a solution to catch the shooter. Elise will then become the bait. Ouch!

For her part, Elise is more determined than ever. Besides, Sofia accuses him of putting his life in danger. Not surprising !

The operation will therefore take place. Elise is walking with her stroller in a park. So far so good. But at the same time, the shooter breaks into the young woman’s apartment. He waits impatiently for it.

Fans of the series Un si grand soleil are therefore immersed in great suspense. Only a few more hours to wait to discover the rest of Elise’s adventures. To be continued.


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