Such a bright sun: Elise asks her to hold Charlie!


In Un si grand soleil, nothing is easy for Charlie’s moms. After many obstacles, it is Elise who entrusts custody to Bilal.

In So Big Sun, Elise and Sofia know a lot of twists and turns since Charlie was born. And for good reason, between the role of Bilal and the concerns of all, nothing is easy. In tonight’s episode it looks like Elise decides to hand over the baby to Bilal.

Since the start of Such a Bright Sun, viewers have been used to being energized. Indeed, in the series nothing ever goes as planned.

And for good reason, with the arrest of the shooter or the great comeback of Eliott, the characters in the series can never rest.

The two lovers Elise and Sofia are no exception to the rule. In recent weeks their life seemed very eventful.

Two days ago, Bilal, Charlie’s biological father, decided to recognize his daughter. Indeed, the young dad found that Elise was doing a too dangerous job. If anything bad happened to her, Sofia could not keep her daughter because she is not the biological mother.

In short, very worried for Charlie, Bilal decided to have his rights recognized.

Coup de theater tonight in Un si grand soleil. Elise, herself decides to give custody of Charlie to Bilal.


Since Charlie was born, nothing has been easy. And the adventure does not seem to be over. As evidenced by the episode of Such a bright sun tonight.

Indeed, after taking stock of her relationship with Aline Roux, Elise will still have to wait a few months to learn about her sanctions. And this, even though the case was dismissed.

But don’t panic, the commander said as she communicated a letter on his behalf. And for good reason, the latter was very sensitive to the story of the blackmail of the crossing guard.

Later, Aline finds Becker and congratulates him on the Moretti case. Indeed, he managed to close it. And yet, the latter would like to change the law for women victims of domestic violence. Thus, he would like the police to be able to intervene without even the woman having filed a complaint.

Conversely, Aline believes that women must find the courage to speak out. However, Becker recognizes a problem with the reception of complaints. Those who receive the complaints do not hesitate to downplay the testimony.

For her part, Elise reassures Bilal. She offers to babysit Charlie every Friday. So their agreement still stands. The dad is relieved and quickly finds the smile. Only a few hours to go to experience the unprecedented episode of Un si grand soleil.


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