Such a bright sun: Eliott spares Alicia from prison!


In the next episode of the So Big Sun series, Eliott must make a choice between Alicia and Bernier. Attention spoilers! In the next episode of the series Un si grand soleil, Eliott will have to make a choice between Alicia and Bernier. Will he spare his mother-in-law from prison?

This is a twist that viewers of the So Big Sun series weren’t expecting. Indeed, Bernier is on the verge of getting what he wants: corner Alicia.

Besides, his plan is starting to falter. So Cécile asks Bernier to release her. And for good reason, the prosecutor thinks that the responsibility is engaged.

Thus, Cécile refreshes his memory: he asked Eliott, played by Stéphane Montpetit. For his part, Sam’s husband struggles to be clear. Besides, he says he does not understand the situation.

So Eva’s daddy is looking for freedom again. His first instinct? Ask Alicia for a chat! So, the latter explains to him that he had been informed of the operation.

And he is even the one who has secured his back. All thanks to Dylan’s help. In the process, he advises her to pack up and pack up. Staying in France would represent a great danger for her. And for good reason, the police want his skin.

So, will Alicia end up listening to his advice? One thing is for sure, she can trust him. Between Bernier and her, Eliott made a surprising and daring choice to say the least in Un si grand soleil.


In the episodes of Such a Big Sun, another storyline holds viewers in suspense. Indeed, the cameras of France 2 also follow Johanna’s story.

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And for good reason, the young woman finds herself in a lot of trouble because of the case she is dealing with at the moment. Thus, Johanna finds comfort with Guilhem and explains his delicate situation to him.

Yes, Yvon is not at all thrilled by the visits! However, the interested party could be satisfied with the domain of Johanna’s uncle. In fact, it did not fail in Un si grand soleil!

During the visit, Yvon finds himself totally charmed by the place. So much so that he said he was ready to start negotiations to buy it. So, will he succeed in finding his happiness?

For her part, Christophe’s former wife finds Julien to discuss their common project. Thus, the latter assures to be ready to extend the collaboration with the lawyer.

In reality, their discussion hides a lot of things. Both have shameful ideas behind their heads! Will they end up sharing them? Case to be continued.

One thing is certain is that the hit soap opera continues to woo audiences with its plots. On average, it attracts over 3.72 million people.


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