Such a bright sun: Claire breaks the rules for her patient!


Such a bright sun: Claire is embarrassed! She wanted to help Violette in Un si grand soleil, but the good deed may backfire

Claire may have wanted to do too much! While the nurse always shows a lot of humanity in Such a Big Sun, she befriends her …


Because Violette has refused all treatment: she knows she is going to die, and she will not fight again. The old lady therefore lets herself go. But first, she made a very important donation for her to Myriam. A very symbolic legacy.

Violette indeed had a pond and a land, which should have belonged to CĂ©line, her niece. But this land has sentimental, as much as pecuniary value. No way, therefore, to leave it to someone venal.

However, the old woman seems convinced that Celine will sell her possessions, just for the money. She therefore prefers to make a very contested choice in Un si grand soleil: to give everything to Myriam. Moved, Miriam refuses before accepting.

With a much lighter mind, Violette can return to the hospital. She knows it, she won’t last very long. But she still wants to have one last pleasure. Or rather, live one last moment in the place she loves.

While Claire has just finished her shift, she comes by to wish him a good evening. But drama in Un si grand soleil, Violette informs her that she is going for a walk. However, she does not have the right to do so. At all.

Claire tries to talk him out of it, but the old woman can be stubborn. On top of that, she has a foolproof argument: this could be her last ride. Claire then tells him to cancel her taxi and take it herself.


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