Such a bright sun: Bilal thinks Charlie is coming!


Is Bilal going to upset the order of Un si grand soleil? Charlie’s natural dad, he must not recognize her … But he thinks about it!

Bilal therefore risks putting a little more mess in the lives of Sofia and Elise! While he wasn’t supposed to recognize the child, he seems to have changed his mind … A storm is approaching in So Big Sun!

Because Elise seems to have had doubts since Charlie’s first seconds. Indeed, when she puts her little one in Bilal’s arms, the policewoman feels the problems coming. He immediately seems to get attached!

Elise and Sofia therefore doubt… But she could not foresee such big problems! Because the shooter was really targeting Charlie’s mom. So everyone is worried in So Big Sun: is the little one in danger?

Even if the police managed to stop the mad rush of the shooter, there remains one huge detail: Elise works in a profession where danger lurks every day. Moretti even adds a layer at the time of his interrogation …

Faced with questions, he admits in fact that he would have liked to kill as many police officers as possible during the ceremony … Bilal then realizes one thing: he will never be at ease in So great a sun.


He thus begins to regret. Because he was not allowed to recognize Charlie … But if Elise dies, Sofia has no rights over her either: Charlie would go straight to public assistance!

The idea of ​​seeing his “goddaughter” disappear terrifies Bilal … So he begins to think. Could he blow up the deal he made with the two women in So Big Sun?

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Such a bright sun: Bilal makes a decision about Charlie!

Asking to recognize Charlie as his daughter could break the pact and friendship he made with Elise … But Sofia might side with her. Because she too was afraid for her sweetheart!

What surprise does Un si grand soleil have in store for us? With the shooter stopped, Elise is no longer in danger … for now. And Bilal doesn’t want to wait to be afraid again!


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