Such a bright sun: Bilal makes a decision about Charlie!


Bilal changes his mind about Charlie in So Big Sun. Finally he would like to recognize his rights as a father.

Bilal can’t take it anymore in Un si grand soleil. He strongly disagrees with the biological mothers of his child. He therefore decides to make a big decision not to be separated from his child. But this one might upset the whole balance.

If Bilal is Charlie’s biological father, he didn’t recognize himself as a father. He had taken this step to allow Elise and Sofia to have a child with his partner. But she would like to take her daughter very far from France. And this is where it gets stuck.

Because basically, Bilal was not to get involved in Charlie’s life in So Big Sun. But early on, moms see he will eventually buckle up. And that could cause a lot of trouble in the trio. If the dad had promised not to recognize the child, he changes his mind.

The young man is worried because Elise is doing a risky job. And if she dies, Sofia will have no rights over her daughter since she is not her biological mother. Then the child could end up in a home. And that’s out of the question.


Bilal therefore makes a decision in Un si grand soleil. He announces to mom that he wants to recognize his daughter Charlie. Because Sofia has just confided that if anything happens to Elise, she will take the child far from France. And there, the young man gets stuck.

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He doesn’t want to be so far from Charlie. He therefore decides to recognize his rights. But this decision risks complicating things within the trio. Because even if the shooter was arrested, Elise could run another danger in the months to come.

To avoid that, for the happiness of her daughter, you have to make a decision. We will therefore have to wait for the next episodes Un si grand soleil to see the reactions of the two mothers.


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