Such a bright sun: begins to live with Florent Sabine!


Claire and Myriam tried to rip Maureillas off in Un si grand Soleil. Florent has decided to break up with Claire and gets closer to his ex.

Last night, fans of Un si grand soleil got to see a new episode on France 2. Florent broke up with Claire and could get closer to his ex, Sabine. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

France 2 broadcast a brand new episode of Un si grand soleil last night. Thus, the fans were able to find Myriam and Claire and the two women face big problems. Indeed, they tried to rob Maureillas’s villa and it backfired.

Maureillas blackmailed the two women and they hatched a new evil plan. Indeed, they managed to rip him off and pocketed more than a million euros. Myriam and Claire have chosen to keep a small part of the earnings and donate the rest to associations.

However, Maureillas did not stop there in So Big Sun. Indeed, the latter sent an anonymous letter and threw everything at Florent. Thus, Florent has a hard time trusting Claire and has taken a radical decision.

Florent doesn’t want to hear from Claire anymore, after discovering that she was stealing in villas. Thus, in the rest of the soap opera, the latter will again get closer to Sabine.


Florent is disgusted to have learned that Claire is stealing and ripping people off and can no longer trust her after her cheating. So, in Un si grand soleil, he will make the decision to leave her and will even move.

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Moreover, this Thursday, November 19, Sabine will offer Florent to move in with her. She’s going to talk to her son Enzo about it first, but the latter won’t get too excited. Indeed, the latter does not seem to want to see his parents get back together and no longer believes in their story at all.

A little later, Enzo goes to see Claire to get some news. Then, the latter will want to thank her for having always supported him, explains Allociné. The young man will not want to cut ties with her even if it is over with Florent.

So, do Claire and Florent still have a future in Un si grand soleil? In any case, their rupture could cause some sparks. Indeed, Myriam is very annoyed to learn that her friend is no longer with Florent …


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