Such a big sun: Alicia traps prosecutor Bernier!


Such a bright sun continues to stress his many fans. Today Alicia is the center of attention. She then traps Bernier.

Fans of Such a Big Sun don’t miss a single episode. Now it’s Alicia’s turn to stress them out. She thus traps Bernier.

Such a great sun is very successful. The France 2 series never ceases to surprise its viewers. And for good reason, nothing ever goes as planned.

Thus, the latter are there every evening. In fact, lately everything seems to be accelerating. Eh yes !

For Bilal, things are getting serious. Indeed, Charlie’s parents seem to have finally found a solution. It was time ! What to delight the fans then.

Sofia had to get custody of Charlie. For this, she will therefore marry her darling Elise. The solution is then perfect. Everyone seems to find something for themselves in Un si grand soleil. Phew!

For his part, Eliott continues to make his own. Its mission keeps getting more complicated. To escape prison, the young man seems ready for anything.

And yet, his mission then turns into a real family affair. And for good reason, to corner Alicia would therefore amount to betraying her family. Not easy then.

In fact, Alicia is also going to be talked about in A Great Sun. Indeed, it then traps Bernier.


Such a bright sun therefore continues to thrill its viewers. Then it’s Alicia’s turn to step things up. This week, the series will therefore take another turn.

In the next episode, Alicia is going to be talked about a lot. It must be said that the latter is used to being in the spotlight lately. Indeed, the mission then takes up a lot of space in the series.

The businesswoman was at the heart of Eliott’s mission. She will then be taken into custody today. Ouch!

In the morning, the police therefore disembark to search the box where Alicia hides all her secrets. And yet, everything she had shown Eliott the day before was then gone. The tension therefore intensifies in Such a great sun.

So Becker wonders who could have warned Alicia. At the same time, Bernier therefore explains to Eliott that if he does not find a solution, he will fall. The tension will therefore rise.

Sam’s mother is therefore questioned alongside her lawyer. She then explains that she does not understand. Eliott also holds the same speech. It is therefore not easy to detect the true from the false.

This week promises to be very rich in twists and turns in Un si grand soleil. But don’t panic, only a few hours to go before discovering the rest of the series. To be continued.


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