Succession: Jeremy Strong Takes Even Comedy Scenes Seriously, Colleagues Say


Succession: An article recently published in The New Yorker revealed a curious behind-the-scenes fact of Succession. According to some colleagues’ reports and also previous interviews, actor Jeremy Strong, it seems, takes his character and the HBO production very seriously, even though the series has a very satirical charge and has several hilarious scenes at various times.

Even during the filming of Season 2, when Kendall Roy, his character, ends up singing an improvised rap at his father’s important party, he revealed to journalist Michael Schulman that he felt all of Kendall’s pain, citing even Raskolnikov, the protagonist of Crime and Punishment, by Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky.

“For me, what is at stake is life or death,” he revealed at the time. “I take him as seriously as I take my own life,” he said. And talking about the behind-the-scenes conversations, Kieran Culkin pointed out that, on one occasion, Jeremy Strong said something like being worried about the audience’s reading of the series.

“I think some people are going to think this is a comedy,” he told Culkin. “So I argued that the show was indeed a comedy, but he thought I was joking,” reveals Roman Roy’s interpreter.

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