Succession: 10 Things We Want To See In Season 4


Succession is one of the most famous series available in the HBO Max catalog and, after the great repercussion of the 3rd season, the show was renewed for its 4th season with several plots that could still happen.

The Roy family was going through several conflicts during the last episodes of the show and fans can’t wait for the next season of the award-winning series.

So, check out 10 things viewers are hoping to see in Succession Season 4!

10. Greg must keep his personality

The character Greg is one of the darlings among the audience and fans were loving to see him gain more self-confidence during the last season.

However, the character ended up stepping out of his personality a bit and doing things like chasing two women at the same time, so fans are hoping he’ll be able to develop without getting lost over the next few episodes.

9. Kendall, Shiv and Roman should start their own media company

Brothers Kendall, Shiv and Roman found out last season that they could be turned away from Waystar Royco as their mother turned her back on them in the past.

Now, many fans are hoping to see them band together to create their own media company and rival their father for his space in the area.

8. The Roy brothers need to go their own way

While many fans want to see the Roy brothers open their company, a large part also hope to see them face the real world with the possible closure of Waystar Royco.

Thus, they will have to go their own way and will not have their father’s reputation to help in this process.

7. Logan must not sell the company

The father of the family Roy doesn’t usually change his mind much and this may be a not-so-acceptable theory, but anything can happen in the course of the series.

As a result, a good portion of viewers expect to see Logan back out of the sale of Waystar Royco and take a different path with the company.

6. Kendall must maintain her trust essence

Young Kendall has had a hard time during the series’ seasons, witnessing and participating in the death of a young waiter, being blackmailed by his father, and then being used as a con artist.

So what many fans expect is to see him in Season 4 with his confident essence without getting lost along the way.

5. Roman must learn to be himself

Roman’s journey through the last season has been marked by constant comparison to his father and a desire to be proud of him above all else.

Now, a more intimate plot and with Roman’s encounter with himself is what viewers hope to see in the next season of the series.

4. Shiv and Tom must break up

Shiv and Tom’s relationship has already started amidst confusion and omissions as Shiv didn’t make it clear from the start that he wanted to be in an open relationship.

Despite Tom wanting to be with her for his lusts for power and influence, fans are hoping they can finally break up during the next season.

3. Greg must find a girlfriend

As well as the professional achievement, fans of the series are waiting for a romantic partner for Greg and that he can finally find the right woman to share good times together.

2. Connor must end his candidacy for president

Connor is a character who is increasingly lost in life and his run for president is a move that is only bringing negative things into his life, so it would be interesting to see him give up on that career next season.

1. Logan should finally lose

Every season of Succession brings up some moment where it looks like Logan is going to lose the battle, and for the next season, viewers are hoping to finally see him unable to come out on top.