Success of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 100x Space Zoom Feature


Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S20 series will be on sale in many countries as of tomorrow. Technology enthusiasts are most curious about the 100x Space Zoom feature of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the most powerful phone in the series. Now it turns out what this feature can actually offer.

The Galaxy S20 series phones, introduced by South Korean technology giant Samsung on February 11, will be available in some countries as of tomorrow. Consumers are most curious about the most powerful phone in the series, Galaxy S20 Ultra, which has a feature called “100x Space Zoom”. Because this phone offers the possibility to zoom in more images than we have ever seen on any phone.

We can say that the 100x Space Zoom on the Galaxy S20 Ultra is really impressive. Because such zooming helps to visualize very long distances as if we are near us. So what exactly does the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 100x Space Zoom feature offer? The Android Central team has revealed what the zoom feature of the Galaxy S20 Ultra has really used for preliminary review.

According to the Android Central team, the Galaxy S20 Ultra will use the 48 MP telephoto sensor as well as the 108 MP main camera to use the 100x Space Zoom feature. In fact, this thought seems quite reasonable because the Huawei P30 Pro preferred a similar method in its ultra zoom feature. So is Samsung’s 100x zoom as effective as expected?

The above image reveals the Empire State Building, which is actually very, very far away. It is almost impossible to see the Empire State Building in the first image. When the shooting mode is normalized, the angle of the image gets quite narrow. However, we can say that the images taken with 2x, 4x, 5x and 10x zooms are very clear and detailed. Some usual distortions are clearly visible when the same image is taken with a 30x and 100x zoom.

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The above image contains the immediate side of the Empire State Building. When we look at the zoomed images of this image, it also reaches similar results. However, it is necessary to draw attention to 30x zoom in this image. The purple company logo on the building is clearly visible. At 5x zoom, the same logo looks like a small dot.

Let’s say you have to catch a ferry, but you are not sure when the ferry will take off. Android Central wondered how we could recover a situation that we often encounter in our normal life with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and they shot the above image. The Android Central team says the above image was taken from the ferry port at a 2-minute distance.

When we take a closer look at the image above, we can say that 30x zoom is really effective. Because the texts on the ferry can be read clearly when 30x zoom.

As you can see in the examples above, the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s camera gives impressive results at every zoom ratio. However, the Android Central team also notes that zooming at this level is a bit scary. According to the team’s comments, most of the time, especially the zoom in against the buildings helps to see even the people inside. We can say that this situation is a bit risky in the evening hours.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra combines its quad-back camera with well-optimized software, revealing quality images at least on the smartphone screen as if taken with DSLR cameras. The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s offering such good camera performance not only satisfies consumers, but also encourages competitors to produce better cameras.


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