Success Round 6 Invades GTA 5 Through Mods; Check Out!


Round 6: The huge success of Round 6 (Squid Game) is proving difficult to escape. If you don’t care about the new Netflix hit, even in GTA V it was hard to hide, because players are taking the new production fever there too, through mods.

Modders are trying to recreate some of the macabre “pranks” that appear in the series on GTA Online. The video above, made by Vadact, shows some of these mods. And the level of detail and care created for the game is even impressive. It wasn’t just putting the GTA puppets as they are in the game, but also modifying their appearance and clothing to better reflect what appears on the Netflix series.

The video is conveniently segmented into chapters, with the name of the Squid Game “joke” being shown in each snippet. For those who haven’t seen the series, it may end up being considered a spoiler, so here’s the warning.

We can say that we have here the collision of two great pop culture phenomena. Now it’s time to see if Round 6 will have any official collaboration with any game – as Fortnite likes to do, for example. Netflix has been less open to offering its content to other games now that it plans to officially enter that market, so we’ll just have to wait and see. If Fortnite doesn’t officially succeed, the game may create its own version anyway.


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