Subtitles for audio and video messages on Google Duo


Google Duo users get a feature that helps them more easily understand the audio and video messages sent to them in noisy environments. Subtitle support will be available for audio and video messages sent over Duo within the scope of this feature.

This support will not be available for live calls. However, it can be said that the new feature will significantly facilitate the work of the deaf or hard of hearing.

Traces of this new feature of the Duo were noticed by application researcher Jane Manchun Wong in February. Wong stated that there is an option “Subtitles for messages” in the message settings section of the app.

In the description section of this option, there is a statement that the audio is sent to Google to create subtitles but is not stored on servers. When the feature is activated, subtitles are displayed just above the call button at the bottom of the screen.

It should be noted that this feature offered for Google Duo is not the same as the Live Caption feature. Live Caption feature shows subtitles on screen for all media content with audio on Pixel devices. In addition, he can transcribe the interviews. The feature added to Google Duo will be able to work on all devices where the application is installed.

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