Subtitles can be added to Instagram stories with stickers


Instagram offers another new tool for stories, one of its most popular elements. Users can now add subtitles to their stories with the help of stickers. Social media consultant Matt Navara shared a video showing how this feature works.

Instagram’s new sticker is called Subtitles. When this feature is activated, the sounds in the video are transcribed by Instagram. Users can change the font of the subtitle. However, it is not overlooked that Instagram made some mistakes in transcribing the voice in the post of Navarra.

It can be said that this new tool of Instagram will be very useful especially for those who have trouble hearing. In addition, it seems likely that those who watch stories in a language other than their native language will also benefit from this tool.

Instagram also posted a statement on the Engadget site regarding the caption tool it offers for stories. In the statement, the company underlined that the feature has not yet been opened to large-scale use. In addition, it was reminded that ways were sought for users to express themselves better with stories.


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