Subscription Of Payment In Telegram If You Do Not Want To See Ads


Telegram: Like Twitter, Telegram has always been free. And like Twitter, ultimately the Russian-born service by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov has introduced monetization options. And the competition is fierce, and at the end of 2020 Telegram showed us its plans to monetize its app. But no, it is not what you think, you will not see an ad in the middle of a chat with your colleague, partner or cousin, but it is different.

Ads on Telegram

There is advertising on Telegram, yes, but much less invasive than we might think. And it works like this: Ads are only shown in massive channels that have more than a thousand followers, neither in banners nor in private chats. And also, each ad has a maximum of 160 characters in the Tweet plan, and the order not to put external links, so the promotion stays within Telegram and cannot take you to an external website.

But even in this section, the number 2 messaging application in the world wants to give its users the option to turn off advertising. An option that will be available in the form of a subscription. In other words: If you pay, you will no longer see ads on the massive channels that you follow / participate.

Reduced price subscription

It was Pavel Durov who announced it precisely on his channel: “Many users have suggested that the option of deactivating official announcements on Telegram channels be introduced. Today we announce two more changes […] We have already started working on this new feature and we hope to launch it this month ”. An option that “can take the form of a low-cost subscription, which will allow any user to directly support the development of Telegram and never see official announcements on the channels.”

However, there are also channel authors with more than a thousand users who would like to have the option of removing the publication themselves and that their followers do not have to pay not to see it. According to Durov “We ​​are currently calculating the economics of this option. Soon, advertisers will be able to place an ‘invisible’ ad on any channel, which – as long as there is enough display value – will cause no ads on that channel.

Ad-free Telegram

The co-creator of the app wanted to remind millions of users that “Telegram as a messaging app will always be free of ads”, and will not show ads in chat lists, private conversations or groups. Advertising “will only affect large channels – services that already have advertising and whose support involves the highest costs from Telegram.”

“We will continue to work on the features that will allow Telegram to become a profitable project. Our priority in this process will continue to be the interest of users and content creators ”.