Subscribers of the free Humble Choice game should not sleep in a free soul-like game


Humble Choice subscribers not only receive a monthly set of games, but also get access to a library of games from the Humble Games collection, such as Moonscars. New games are added to the library every month, and this month is no different, as subscribers will be able to check out Moonscars on its launch day. The game is coming out on September 27, and Humble Choice members won’t have to spend a dime to check it out.

Anyone who wants to get their hands on Moonscars and the monthly curated set can go to the Humble Choice website to register. Of course, Moonscars is not the only advantage of subscribing to Humble Choice membership, but the new adventure game from Black Mermaid attracts the attention of Dark Souls fans. Even among the many advantages of Humble Choice, Moonscars seems significant.

What is the Humble Games Collection

Along with a monthly updated set of games, Humble Choice subscribers can play various games from the Humble Games collection. This service is a set of more than 50 different indie PC games that subscribers can try at no extra charge. Every month, Humble Bundle adds even more indie games to the catalog. All this can be obtained through the Humble PC application.

This collection offers many indie games, and the library is constantly changing. Right now subscribers can try such games as A Hat in Time, Void Bastards, Uurnog, Forager and many others. Moonscars will join them this month, and subscribers should give it a try.

Humble Choice Subscribers Can Play Moonscars Day One

The developer of Black Mermaid describes Moonscars as a complex metroidvaniya. Players take control of a clay warrior named Gray Irma, who is looking for the truth about this world. She wants to find a Sculptor and find out the meaning of her existence. The world will not reveal its secrets so easily, and players must be ready to overcome great challenges. They will face the challenge that games like Dark Souls have popularized, and they have to be prepared to die a lot.

Players will continue to die in Moonscars, fighting the ruthless darkness that seeks to destroy them. Each death will teach the player a lesson, and as he progresses, he will learn new abilities. Combat requires a certain level of skill, as players must combine punches, parries, and powerful sorcery to devastate their enemies. Each challenge that the player can overcome will teach him new things about this dark world, and hopefully he will be able to find out the truth that Gray Irma is desperately looking for.

Moonscars promises to be a real challenge worthy of other challenging Souls-like games, and the plot should be filled with unexpected twists. This is a dark fantasy story about the meaning of existence and a world steeped in betrayal and bloodshed. Players will witness the dark memories that shaped this world and the lives of clay warriors. The world itself is represented through pictorial aesthetics; everything in it is overshadowed by hopelessness and hopelessness, which is evident in the gloomy colors and details of art.

This game will be the first major release by the developers of Black Mermaid, and I hope it will meet expectations. Despite the fact that the game is published by Humble Games, it will also be available from the first day to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Anyone interested in a challenge or Souls-type games should definitely keep a close eye on it, and it’s not too long to wait to see if it’s worth the walkthrough.

Moonscars is released on September 27 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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