Subnautica Below Zero | The Best Mods And how To Install Them


Subnautica Below Zero: We tell you how to install mods and which ones are the best in Subnautica Below Zero, the new installment of the popular survival submarine. The community creates. Subnautica Below Zero takes you to survive under the seas of the prestigious survival of Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Therefore, in this piece we will dedicate ourselves to tell you how to install mods in its PC version, and which ones are essential for your first hours under the diving suit. That’s how easy you can extend your gaming experience.

How to install mods

The process is very simple. To download and install mods in Subnautica you must have Q Mod Manager installed, a program that allows these modifications to work correctly in the game. Although we do this tutorial based on the Below Zero links, the process is exactly the same in the original.

Head over to this link and download Q Mod Manager

Unzip the file into a folder on your computer.

Run the installer and look for the address where Subnautica is hosted on your computer (it usually follows the following path: Local Disk C → Program Files (x86) → Steam → Steamapps → Common → Subnautica Below Zero)

Let the process complete.

Once installed, you will see that where Subnautica is installed the “Qmods” folder has been created. That folder is where all the mods you want to install should go.

Imagine you want to install your first mod. Follow these steps:

As an example we will install MAP, which, as its name indicates, adds a map that reveals the areas we visit in real time. Click here to download it on your NexusMod profile.

When you have it, unzip the zip. You will see a folder whose interior is full of .dll files.

Put the complete folder inside the Qmods folder, which is located in the same installation path as the game (you have it in the previous steps).

Run the game.

In this way you will already have a mod running without problems. Some have incompatibilities, such as the one that allows online functionalities. Before downloading a mod be sure to read the description on their Nexusmod profile.


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