Subnautica: Below Zero Releases What the Dock Update


Subnautics: Below Zero has released a major free update of What a Dock, which adds some important new features and game content. Ether Players: Below Zero can now build a Seatruck dock for their car, create their own game modes with individual gameplay parameters, and hopefully face much fewer mistakes thanks to a new round of polishing.

Subnautics: Below Zero is the continuation of ocean exploration in the Arctic theme, the continuation of indie is the continuation of indie Subnautics, developed and published by Unknown Worlds. Having spent several years in early access during the turbulent development process, when the game’s plot underwent dramatic rewrites and script changes, the release of the game was mostly well received, despite some key differences from the original. The removal of several vehicles, such as the iconic Seamoth and Cyclops, the transition from a taciturn protagonist to a more talkative player character, and a more compressed environment were all controversial design choices. After the release, the game received a constant stream of updates that helped improve the gameplay and add new content.

“What Kind of Dock”, “. which Seatruck is an iPod station that, which, allows players to safely dock the Seatruck of Ether: Below zero to their base. Dock Seatruk at the expense of energy Seatruk at the expense of energy, and the built-in terminal allows players to customize the appearance of the Seatruk and its modules. The dock can hold the Seatruck and up to 5 modules is much more convenient than leaving them in open water, although it is recommended to place the Seatruck Dock in a fairly open place to reduce the likelihood of unpleasant collisions during docking and undocking.

Another important feature included in this update is the custom game mode option. There are many new settings available that allow you to fully customize the gameplay, including setting the length of the day and night, the frequency of inclement weather, the damage the player receives, the damage to the vehicle, the damage received by the predator, the hostility of creatures and even the possibility of a vegetarian diet. These settings should give beginners a Subnautic: Below zero is much more respite, and also provide veteran ocean explorers with more challenging tasks. The new “Peel Off” button, conveniently located in the pause menu, will also allow players to teleport to their last safe place if they get stuck in some complicated geometric shape.

The steam Cloud save functionality has also been restored along with many bug fixes and optimizations to make the operation smoother than ever. With many customizable gameplay options and new base building features, now is the perfect time to jump into the game and start building a new base in Subnautica: Below zero.

Subnautica: Below Zero is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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