What Submissions Are Included in the New Batman Costume?


Matt Reeves recently shared the costume that Robert Pattinson would wear in his new Batman movie. This outfit is full of surprises and references to the character.

One of the most popular superheroes of the DC universe is, undoubtedly, the cape cavalry of Gotham city, Batman. We saw that the character was previously played by Ben Affleck. Now it’s time for his cloak to be worn in Robert Pattinson.

Pattinson, who achieved fame with films such as Twilight and Harry Potter, proved to be rivaled with films like The Lighthouse, although his role in the Twilight film struck him. The player will now portray a Batman. Matt Reeves shared the character’s new costume. Here are the surprise eggs in the costume:

Batman: Year One
Enough Daredevil joke was made because of the light used for Reeves’ Batman. Leaving these jokes aside, the Year One effect is evident in the promotion. On the cover of that series, Batman was floating through the darkness in front of a red background.

Arkham Game Series
The Arkham series has been a series appreciated by both actors and critics. Rockstar’s productions seem to have influenced Reeves. Pattinson’s costume also resembles the costume with armor plates in the games.

Batman: Damned
As in the Arkham series, the bat costume had a geometric design in Lee Bermejo’s series. Even in that costume, the emblem on the chest of Batman was not made of metal. Bermejo was one of the names that attracted characters such as Batman and Joker on a more realistic ground.

Batman: Dark Victory
One of the rumors about the movie was that the Batman movie would be based on The Long Halloween story. Dark Victory was the direct continuation of this comic. The Batman outfit in this story was very similar to the outfit of Battinson.

Batman: Earth One
When the lights are removed from the costume shared by Reeves, there remains a headdress whose stitches are obvious and possibly made of leather-like material. The Earth One outfit of Batman, which has been drawn with many different clothes throughout history, also resembles this costume.

Gotham by Gaslight
Gotham by Gaslight is a more steampunk and a different Batman story. It is one of the most popular among Elseworld stories, independent of the main story universe. In this story, Batman went after Jack the Ripper. He also lent Pattinson up to Batman.

Detective Comics # 1000
We said that the bat symbol is made of metal. According to the common view among comic book fans, this symbol is a reference to Detective Comics # 1000. In this issue, Bruce Wayne melted Joe Chill’s weapon – the weapon that killed his mother and father – and made it a part of his costume.

Ben Affleck’s Batman had come up with wrong issues when it was first introduced. Pattinson – or Battinson, as the fans say – seems to have been on the agenda for the right reasons.


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