Subete a mi Moto de Menudo series release date


The long-awaited Menudo series, “Get on my bike”, which will hit Amazon Prime Video, finally revealed its premiere date and the new trailer

The long-awaited Menudo series, “Get on my bike”, which will arrive on Amazon Prime Video, finally revealed its premiere date and the new trailer, will address the story behind the most important boyband in all of Latin America.

This coming October 9, the most anticipated series of the year, “Get on my motorcycle” will arrive on the Amazon Prime Video platform to fill the millions of fans of the series with nostalgia.

This new series will tell the story of the popular boy band and will narrate its beginnings in the town of Caguas, Puerto Rico, and the innovation that the group brought to music in Latin America.

“Get on my motorcycle” was recorded in both Puerto Rico and Mexico, and Yamil Ureña, Braulio Castillo, Edgardo Díaz, Sian Chiong, Joselo Vea, Marisol Calero, Doña Panchi, Josette Vidal, Julieta Torres, Rocío Verdejo and Renata participated Towers.

The members of the Menudo band are personified by Felipe Albort and Ethan Schwartz in the role of Ricky Martín, Marcelo Otaño and Eugenio Rivera as Ricky Meléndez, Samu Jove as Xavier Serbia, Gustavo Rosas as Sergio Blass, Alejandro Bermúdez in the role of Rene Farrait , Leonel Otero playing Johnny Lozada and Mauro Hernández as Miguel Cancel.

It is worth mentioning that the series was produced by Somos Productions, Endemol Shine Boongo and Piñoliwood Studios.

Creating rules never seen before and with a style of work that had never been implemented, he developed a group that continues to be the reference for all other Hispanic youth bands and that took off the career as soloists of important figures, “says the platform.

This past Thursday the first trailer for “Get on My Moto” was also shared, which revealed that Edgardo Díaz will appear, the person responsible for leading young people to stardom, in addition, the series will also show some of the problems faced by the boyband.

It will bring back the events that often led to becoming one of the most important groups of all time, which Edgardo Díaz, an ambitious and skillful businessman, created in 1977, in the town of Caguas, Puerto Rico, the bases of this band.

This was also the watershed for many celebrities who today are a success as soloists, such as Ricky Martín, who was one of the members of this band.

Menudo has sold more than 20 million records around the world since then and in a second stage they were well known in Spain, several countries in Latin America, the Philippines and the United States, also thanks to the adaptations to other languages ​​made of several of their songs. themes were also released in Italy, Brazil, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Canada.

At the beginning, the idea of ​​the creator of the band was to form a youth quintet whose members would change as they grew so that the group would always be made up of teenagers.

This is how at the beginning, the rules by which the members had to leave the group were to be 15 years old, if they changed their voice, if their facial hair grew or if they became too tall.

The first formation included two groups of brothers:

The Meléndez Sauri: Ricky, Carlos and Óscar. These three were furthermore
second cousins ​​of Edgardo Díaz.

The Sallaberry Valls: Fernando and Óscar Neftalí (Nefty).

A curious fact about the group is that the name of the nascent quintet came by chance, since it was from a nice incident during their second rehearsal, when Díaz’s sister entered the house where they were and, puzzled to find five young people dancing and singing in the garage, he exclaimed aloud “How often is here!” And so the phrase stuck, that’s why the group was called Menudo.


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