Subaru’s Major Goals for 2030 Announced


Subaru will significantly improve the technology of its cars over the next decade. The vision put forward by the company is really remarkable.

Subaru’s current product range only has one hybrid car, which is the Subaru Crosstek Hybrid model. Of course, this model will not be the only model with a lithium-ion battery, and new vehicles will join this series.

Subaru shared information about the roadmap to follow in the future. For the company, electrical models will take an important place in the future. As Subaru is a smaller company than its competitors, it may have a hard time dealing with the financial burden of this transformation, but the company has great friends.

Subaru will return its production to electric models:
According to the company announcements, Subaru aims to make up 40% of total future vehicle sales from electric models. Tetsuo Onuki, CTO of the company, told Automotive News Europe that they will support vehicle projects that they define as ‘strong hybrids’.

Investing in hybrids can be very costly. On the other hand, at this point, Toyota is involved. “The strong commitment and dedication of Subaru to car manufacturing has remained unchanged, even during this deep transformation period of a hundred years,” said Tomomi Nakamura, CEO of the company. We aim to further develop the distinctive features that make Subaru, our special skills that our customers expect to see. We also work full time to fulfill our social responsibilities, including environmental protection. We will turn Subaru’s special character and technological innovations into an advantage in order to contribute to the creation of a carbonless world. ”

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The carbon emission of factories will also decrease:
Another aim of the company is to reduce the carbon emission of its factories. Subaru aims to reduce the carbon emissions that occur in factories, offices and other places by 2031 by 30%.

When we consider Subaru’s new electric car plans, it seems not a distant possibility for the company to produce a fully electric model. In the upcoming process, we will see if Subaru can achieve its goals.


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