Su Zhu: The moment Bitcoin owners have been waiting for

Su Zhu, CEO of the cryptocurrency fund Three Arrows Capital, theoretically said that the moment Bitcoiners have been waiting for, said that if the leading cryptocurrency manages to hold on to the current levels, it can reach $ 50,000 relatively quickly.

Su Zhu, CEO of the cryptocurrency fund Three Arrows Capital, made remarkable comments regarding Bitcoin . While many short-term forecasts emerge at $ 6,000 and below 4,800, Zhu believes that leading crypto money has the chance to reach $ 50,000 relatively quickly.

Recalling the Fed’s $ 700 billion monetary expansion policy, Zhu said that this puts the US in an inflationary policy, and it is now difficult to return. According to the economic conditions in the world, the fund manager commented that Bitcoin could reach $ 50,000 if it maintains the current levels.

Zhu said, “This is the moment theoretically awaited by Bitcoin players. Emerging markets are currently priced at considerable debt risk. The US Dollar has entered an inflationary path and the return is difficult. If Bitcoin holds at these levels, it is possible to make a figure of 50 thousand dollars. ” found comments.

Zhu claimed that it would not be a surprise that Bitcoin, which was traded at $ 7200 last January, saw $ 9,000 before the month ended , and Bitcoin surpassed $ 9,000 in January, as Zhu predicted.

Bitcoin is bought and sold at $ 5200 in minutes of the news.

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