Stylish and smart helmet attracts attention with LED lights


While the number of people using bicycles is increasing day by day, the developed helmets are also important. Because cyclists who open to traffic can be difficult to see by cars, especially when it gets dark. In such cases, an accident can become inevitable. Here, the smart helmet with LED lights developed to prevent these situations can be controlled via the mobile application. Even when this helmet is adjusted, it can even signal to turn left or right.

The smart helmet with LED lights is also stylish

There are LED lights on the back of the helmet. Here, there is a fabric structure that is mostly used in speakers. As you can imagine, this texture is also waterproof, just like the speakers. Electronic parts of this helmet with IPX6 certification are completely water resistant.


Made of lighter and more durable material than normal helmets, this smart helmet is said to provide a great advantage in terms of use. The helmet, which is specially certified, comes in 3 sizes with 4 different colors to choose from, to suit every head structure. The locking mechanism is easily lockable and can provide full protection to the wearer of the helmet.

This helmet design, called Faro, has been opened to funding through Kickstarter. It is possible to say that the project, which reached its funding target within 1 hour, attracted attention. The most important aspect of this helmet is that you can make adjustments on the LED via its mobile application. In this way, you can give the signal with a helmet to turn right or left in dark and heavy traffic.

The helmet’s mobile app not only allows you to make adjustments, but also enables health tracking, pedometer and weather information transmission. The product has an early order price of $ 129.


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